Founded 1961
100% Brazilian

Metalgráfica Rojek Ltda. was founded in 1961 by Arnaldo Rojek, a 100% Brazilian company, specialized in the manufacture of metal lids for the closure of food packaging.

The history of Metalgráfica Rojek reflects the trajectory of its founder, a Brazilian, from Jundiaí (SP), who started his professional life alongside his father, a descendant of Hungarians, at Companhia Paulista de Estradas de Ferro (railways).

At the age of 35, Arnaldo Rojek was invited to be a partner in the creation of a metallurgical company in Mococa, interior of São Paulo, to produce cans for a dairy company. At the same time, he was invited to become an industrial director for the Etti, a food company, in Jundiaí city, adding his activities to Metalúrgica Mococa.

To meet the needs of Etti, which worked with lids for glass jars, for tomato extract, Arnaldo decided to set up a lids metallurgy alongside the company he ran. Thus, Metalgráfica Rojek was born and the first patented inventions by Arnaldo Rojek.


Patented Rojek Inventions

In 1990, Rojek developed, patented and launched the Abre-Fácil lid, the only lid in the world for closing glass jars and cans, with high vacuum closing and opening seal, eliminating the use of reclose closing machines and utensils household items for opening.

Among the various launches and patents around the world, this marked the company's history, providing better food preservation, with easy, safe and comfortable opening to consumers.

Modernized production park

Since its foundation, Rojek has kept its production park highly modernized, offering the customer the security of efficient, fast and superior service.

It has a highly qualified technical department, with a team specialized in the filling and closing processes, offering full customer support. For decades, it has become a national leader in the supply of lids to the food industries, with innovative and appropriate solutions for the different production processes of the companies it serves.

The best result, with excellent quality and greater productivity, makes Rojek packaging recognized by the major brands in the sector.

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